Winter to Spring Skincare

Winter to Spring Skincare

Wake up from hibernation! It’s time to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit!
Every changing cycle of weather brings with it a change in food choices, wardrobe, exercise routine, and so on.  Likewise, skin being the largest organ of your body also requires extra care to embrace seasonal variations. Opting for the right spring skincare routine will not only protect your skin but also make it strong & healthy. 
Spring is called the king of all weathers. The difference between spring and weather winter comes down to cellular level changes. When the temperatures rise, your skin’s lipid barrier is restored. Thanks to the weather warming up, it’s far less common that you’ll feel dry skin. But with the elevated levels of pollutants, your skin can face negative effects. The toxins in the air are liable for creating oxidative stress, which ultimately leads to premature aging, pigmentation, and skin infections.
 However, with the new weather come two new challenges: stronger UV rays and increased production of oils. This means you’re more likely to burn and breakout.

    This is the most crucial out of all, changing your cleanser. In the summertime, you may need a strong cleanser to clean away all the sweat and stress of a typical summer day. However, fall tends to be a bit gentle. Mystique Earth Bubble Facial Cleanser is the foremost spring skincare products that you should opt for softer, smoother, and glowing skin. It effectively melts away surface debris, makeup, and environmental pollution.

    Winter to spring skincare

    Sunscreen is not just important when the summer heat reaches its peak, but also all around the year. When the temperatures rise during the spring/summer, it’s because our side of the earth is closer to the sun than it is in the winter. This means that the UV rays are stronger. In fact, during spring, your skin gets extra exposure to the sun rays due to the longer duration of a day.
    But, spring is a season during which a tremendous amount of UV damage is incurred. It’s a wrong assumption that when the temperature is cooler outside, the sun isn’t as destructive. But, it is false. While UVB rays (the ones responsible for suntan or sunburns) are not as strong, the UVA rays (the ones that cause skin cancer and wrinkles) are just as strong. Additionally, by late spring UV rays become intense in several regions of the country. Hence, invest in sunscreen and do not let the harmful rays harm your skin.
    The broad-spectrum Mystique Earth Youth Preserve Day Cream with SPF 25 offers the best protection against pigmentation, dark patches, photoaging, and other skin woes in spring. Nonetheless, sunscreen should be used year long. It is advisable to use a day cream with SPF that can shield your skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

    Although winter has ended, the layer of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin still exists. During winters, due to the lack of moisture, skin becomes dry, flaky, and rough.  But, as you step in the most pleasant weather of the year, the spring, it is best to slough off the surface debris through exfoliation. For this nothing works wonders better than Silk Serum Lotion for radiant and pigmentation free, speeding up skin’s natural shedding process and help in unclogging the pores. They lighten up hyper-pigmentation and dark spots caused by UV rays. 

    In the winter, you probably use any and all hydrating masks. Well, come spring, you’ll want to switch it up and start to use something that gently exfoliates and clears. The mix of sun and sweat leads you down a path of clear complexion resistance. The right mask can do wonders for your skin, especially when you are trying to maximize your routine Since that’s a surefire way of getting pimples, use Mystique Earth Mineral Masque that can go in and get rid of all the junk that will accumulate daily. It is a highly effective toning and firming treatment designed to impart a younger and firmer appearance to the skin.

    With warmer weather, comes sweat. The heavy creams or thick moisturizers that you use to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized in the winter are put away, come spring. Instead, we recommend switching over to a more basic skincare line-up that includes a great, light-weight serum. Mystique Earth Youth Concentrate Serum that offers resistance to environmental aggressors and pollutants, which may lead to diminished skin appearance. It helps revive lackluster, restoring dewy texture, boosting luminosity, while laying the foundation of potent antioxidants to protect against environmental aggression, for an instant burst of nutritive moisture, and shielded radiant glow.

  6. Winter to spring skincare

    Say goodbye to the day cream and the night cream; you no longer need to put crazy mounds of either on your face to wake up dry-patch free. The spring is a time to get loose, and get light! Find a lightweight moisturizer to swap in for the creams. It won’t create clogged pores or leave your skin suffocated by a film of product. The concentrated formula is designed to balance skin’s moisture, restore skin to a healthy pH, tone the appearance of pores and lend daily hydration.

    You can use something like our Balancing Act serum - an ultra-lightweight, gentle and fast-absorbing oil serum - applied before makeup or as the final step in your evening skincare ritual. 

    Seriously nourishing night-time treatment is designed to target fine lines, signs of aging in vulnerable areas; the face, neck, and décolleté. Nourish your skin each night with this dream cream featuring premium ingredients, Mystique Earth Night Revival Cream. Due to the potent restorative and cell regenerating properties, it enhances healing and rejuvenation, improving the appearance of skin imperfections and improves elasticity.

    Spring isthe right time to repair and regenerate your tired and aged under-eye skin. It is very important is to buy an under eye cream only after going through the list of ingredients. During this time, allergies can also cause dark circles, swelling, and inflammation. With an under eye cream infused with bioactive compounds, you can combat these issues. These give a boost of antioxidants to the delicate skin under eye eyes and prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. This clubbed with the hydrating properties helps revive the dull skin and reduce dark circles, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation.

    Physical activity is imperative to attain healthy and glowing skin. Cozy winters make it a tough task to move out of your bed and workout. But with the right season here, it’s time to rev up your metabolism and increase blood circulation to the skin surface. Poor blood circulation is found to be associated with dull skin, fine lines, and discoloration. With regular and daily workout you can improve the flow of blood and nutrients that ultimately leads to radiant and healthy skin. Put your workout pants on and take the advantage of this pleasant weather to begin exercising

    Hence, while each season comes with its pros and cons, these are handy tips to help your complexion stay calm, clear, and radiant as we head into warmer months. 
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