To Mask and How To Mask!

To Mask and How To Mask!

The Granny Way

We would have been amongst the world’s richest population if we would start charging rent from our acne. Well, we all know that acne loves to be present EVERYWHERE with us! Particularly on occasions that are special to us. So being an integral part of our skin texture (as they like to be) how could they afford to miss out on anything; from our birthdays to travel trips, from family weddings to date nights and now even during the pandemic of Covid-19, they have unabashedly greeted us with a “Hello” that we never wanted to hear.

Acne too has feelings and hence, had their break-downs on our faces during such a crucial and depressing time (As if they needed someone for emotional support that we haven’t forgotten them)! They are waltzing on our faces more than ever when we are already struggling to save ourselves by masking. Yes, they were too jaded to just appear during personal festivities and therefore chose a world affair this time.

With such break-outs, everybody has not only learned about Corona this 2020 but also about “Maskne.” Yes, it is the new trend in the acne world- where one gets acne around their mouth, cheeks, and jawline with the additional symptoms of irritation and rashes from wearing a mask. This kind of acne is almost similar to those of sportsperson, which they get due to continuous sweating and helmets or pads rubbing over the same sweaty surface. This happens so because masks worsen the skin issues which already exist by causing constant humidity and not letting your skin breathe fresh air. I:\shutterstock reference\New folder\shutterstock_1422549521.jpg

But it isn’t the worst- you can avoid it by just following a few steps that you must have seen your grandmother practice and famously christened as Grandmom’s home tips-

  • Say bye to fancy branded masks and instead say hello to- Well, let’s go back to the era of no fancy stuff at all and living a life with basic home-made stuff. Where our needs were prior to our wants. Yes, it’s time for you to bring out your old cotton clothes and indulge in some DIY projects. Make pure cotton masks for yourself as they keep the room open for your skin to breathe. Also, understand that masks are exactly like your intimate clothing- wash them after every use. If not, you are increasing the chances of maskne outbreak with all that sweat and dirt having made homes in there.
  • Quality over quantity- Our grannies didn’t apply various products. Instead had a particular wash and a fixed cream and never did they dwindle from their path. Do so! Maintain a routine with lesser products. Do moisturise your skin well enough to avoid mask friction. Also, the stronger the product the more chances of maskne outbreak because it would intensify its reach to your dermis. Hence, use products that are mild, natural, artificial fragrance-free and provide love to your skin. 
  • Break UpOh my god! Not with your boyfriends and supposed fiancés instead of make-up! Go natural as you now have the chance of having the natural prettiness that your granny sways within full grace all the time. Try and avoid using makeup particularly when you have to wear a mask. Use a gentle cleanser to constantly wipe off that sweat from your face.  

If you already have it, then this is how you can treat it-

With regular acne, we can go all experimental. Squish them, pop them, apply diluted toothpaste, and what not! But, remember these aren’t the regular ones. They are the ones that chose the time of pandemic to make your life a little more painful. They are stronger, can’t be squished as they can burn and increase rashes, can’t be popped as they can give birth to the little ones, they are itchy and also they are sore. 

Here are a few things that you can do at home-

  • Exfoliate and keep your face hydrated
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Apply ice in circular motions over the affected area
  • Apply aloe vera gel, do not rub it and leave it to rest for a while over the affected area
  •  Apply aloe-vera and honey mask, as aloe-vera works as a coolant and honey as a hydrator
  • Try out yoga and exercises that increase blood flow in your face
  • Eat a colourful diet 

Despite the solutions mentioned above, if the maskne still continues to spread and refuses to let go of its marked territory- kindly consult a dermatologist.

Hang in there, this too shall pass!

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