The Winter is Here! Get Your Skin Ready!

The Winter is Here! Get Your Skin Ready!

Skin requirements continue to evolve with seasonal variations and environmental changes. The skin is more prone to dehydration in cooler months due to fluctuation in temperature. Extremely cold weather can cause skin lipids to thicken and reduce sebum production, making it more difficult to maintain moisture. The dehydration levels peak in winter, and the focus has to be on hydration and moisturization that increases the water content in the skin and prevent water from being lost. 

Looking after skin is a personal affair but knowledge is power. Mystique Earth scrutinizes the right ingredients for you to ward off the effects of environmental factors and keep the skin plump and moisturized through coming months of bitter winter weather.  Here is a regimented skincare ritual that will help you maintain your skin health with a curation of Mystique Earth products:

  1. BUBBLE FACIAL CLEANSER: Cleansing is the starting point of a great skincare routine. By removing dirt, oil, impurities you eradicate the chance of pore-clogging irritants that damage the skin. Mystique Earth Bubble Facial Cleanser, replete with the goodness of Royal Jelly and Custard Apple, has nurturing and calming effects as opposed to dryness and irritation and adheres to the skin all day. The rich creamy cleanser contains oil and plant butter that work without stripping the skin of essential and naturally occurring oils. Revitalize and promote healthy skin with the invigorating and mild cleanser stirred with air bubbles. It is formulated with ingredients like Aloe Vera, Glycerine, Honey Jojoba Oil, that have nourishing actives robust with antibacterial effects and anti-inflammatory properties. 

    Use the luxurious, quality rich cleanser twice a day, morning and night, to remove the build-up of grime, dust, pollutants and oil. Use warm water to wash and gently prepare your skin for the steps to follow. 

  2. YOUTH CONCENTRATE SERUM: Serums are known to be the potent bee workers of any skincare regime. Robust with Copper Peptides, is our Youth Concentrate Serum, that is considered to be nature’s Botox. Copper peptides are an integral part of physical and metaphysical wellbeing. It regulates melanin, repairs DNA damage, wards off the effects of pollution. They bind water to the epidermis and limit the moisture loss. It has a specific liposomal delivery system, that allows active ingredients to penetrate deep into the dermal layers and ensure optimal hydration, imparting a dewy glow.

    It is a perfect night-time companion to boost radiance and amplify age-defying results. The concentrated synergy of luxurious ingredients as Star Anise, Grapefruit and Gum Acacia is literally food for skin, offering a mega boost of vitamins, peptides and antioxidants. All in all, it elevates the antioxidant activity, improves the elasticity, enhances clarity and luminosity.
    The skin allies are concentrated actives that work on correction and protection, repair and rejuvenation by addressing issues from wrinkles, sun damage, pollution and strengthening of the skin barrier. 


  4. MINERAL MASQUE: Replenish the skin moisture this dry and cold season with a masque that guarantees the trinity of skincare; balance, hydration and detoxification. The resolute efficaciousness of ingredients is as kind to you as they are to the Earth, with the likes of Black Malwa Soil, Red Chota Nagpur Plateau, Fuller Earth Papaya, Kusum Extracts and Papaya. The formulation deeply cleanses and restores the skin while enhancing moisture. It addresses concerns delivered under occlusion to assist with penetration and absorption. 
    The humble masque also continues the hydration process and lightens skin pigmentation. Revitalize your skin in the humble richness and moisture of Activated Charcoal and White Bentonite that are tested and honoured over centuries, and presented in a sensorial glory. 


  6. NIGHT REVIVAL CREAM: The product is specifically created to make your beauty sleep count; by awakening you to replenished complexions while all the hard work is being carried out while you sleep. The essential detoxifying takes place at night, as the cream sinks deep to promote cell renewal and assist to achieve calming balanced skin. It is s revisit to the timeless classics and infused with the science of life. The textured goodness of Mahua Butter and supercharged pulp of Forest Persimmon restores moisture levels and feeds the skin overnight. It improves the blood flow, rebuilds collagen, relaxes the facial muscles. 

    Foraged from nature’s best ingredients in the temper, resolve and intent of personal care, Night Revival Cream replenishes the lipid barrier and reenergizes skin cells. Replete with Saffron, it intensifies the royalty, sentiment and desire with its untamed prowess in reducing pigmentation, treating scars, improving complexion and toning effects. On the other hand, Jamun offers the natural flush with its power dose of vitamin C, folic acid, minerals, iron, sodium and phosphorus.


  8. SILK SERUM LOTION: The gentle balance of regenerative essential fatty acids and plant wax seal the skin and are a great finale to a winter skincare routine. As we age, the skin loses its ability to retain moisture and natural oil production. The staple and a conscious blend of White Lily and Mahua Butter are designed to soften and hydrate the skin by preventing transepidermal water loss. The addition of plant-based oils as Glycerine, Rose, Kokum Butter and Jasmine carry fatty acids to help ward off the impact of ageing. 

    The calming velvety blend has excellent emollient properties immensely moisturizing the skin and the conditioning effects on the skin leaves a whiff of freshness that lasts all day long.  

    Under the aegis of Mystique Earth, skincare is rooted in the protection of nature as in sync with skin’s physiology, heralding the dawn of modernity with the intricate past of Central India. Highlighting the integrity and ingenuity of it, it leaves your personal care regime cosseted, wholesome and honest, bridging the gap between beauty and the beholder.
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