White Lily or Lilium Candidum is one of the persistent herbs available in the colder areas of India. Extremely beautiful with trumpet-shaped flowers, long stalk, and a stout- it is known to be the flowers/herbs of the heavenly Gods. This flower symbolises purity, rebirth, commitment as well as the rejuvenation of soul.

Since my childhood, I was told stories by my grandmother about the offerings of white lilies to the Gods and Goddesses in the temples or while conducting various rituals in the house. How these flowers are pure and loved by the deities. How these flowers bring with them a positive aura. How these flowers have medicinal properties and are useful for a lot of ailments occurring in the human body. Also, how these flowers do all things good to your body and soul.

To be honest, as a kid I used to think that it’s just a way of keeping us seated while the rituals took place- so that we be quiet and imagine things. I just thought that it’s a made-up fairytale on White Lilies. Time went by and I grew up. And then for myself witnessed procedures that I had heard as a kid. Not only at my home, but also read excerpts by health experts on the benefits of this herb. This then made me all the more curious and I researched frantically on this subject.
And, here I am today where I would like to share the benefits of White Lily with you. Not just that but also why am I so convinced with the fact that it is known as the Flower of Gods!

Is it a herb or a flower?
Though known as a flower, White Lily is one of the most imperative herbs. The roots and bulbs are used to make traditional medicines that have been in existence for a hundred odd years. The most important characteristic of being soothing and anti-inflammatory properties! Not only this, but it also consists of antispasmodic, laxative, cardiac tonic, and antipyretic properties.

Nicholas Culpeper, a world-renowned Botanist has mentioned in one of his research works “White lily strengthens the brain and renovates a weak memory. The water dropped into the eyes helps inflammations. Consumption of distilled water helps to restore lost speech, palsy (an infection that causes temporary facial paralysis) and extremely relieving in apoplexy.”

It loves your skin

  • Say bye to those scars- Application of products like lotion, serums consisting of white lily tends to lighten any kind of scars on your skin. Especially the ones caused because of burns or other harsh wounds. It tends to heal the skin tissues effectively as well as quickly.
  • If fair is what you love- Toners consisting of white lily and its regular application tends to provide you with a lighter skin tone. Not just this, but it also works as a skin astringent i.e. contraction of skin cells. This means that it tightens your skin pores which gives a younger look.
  • Locks in what is required- White Lily tends to hydrate your skin and locks in all the moisture. This in turn keeps your skin soft, glowing, and radiant.

It is concerned about your system too-

  • The tonic obtained from this herb is used to cure heart ailments.
  • Application of its oil on the forehead tends to ease stress as well as mental issues. Its oil is used in aromatherapy to treat depression, anxiety, melancholy and headaches!
  • The tincture prepared with this flower is used in treating UTI and has proved to be successful.
  • Known as a substitute for Aloe Veras due to its laxative property it is believed to relax and smoothen one’s digestive process.
  • Breaks down kidney stones.
  • Prevents water retention in any part of the body.
  • Consumption of this causes vomiting which treats poisoning and alcoholism.

Grandmom's stories have always been a saviour. Not only does this pretty flower adorns paintings but also takes care of our skin and health. Kindly, do not replace either of your regular medication with White Lily. Consult an expert and a doctor before doing so. In case you are looking forward to check its benefits on your skin then do check out Mystique Earth’s Silk Serum Lotion to give yourself a lovely skin.

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