The Earth Will Save Us!

The Earth Will Save Us!

Every region of the Earth, according to its geographic and climatic conditions, produces mud that is unique in its mineral and biological content. Coveted and celebrated across cultures and civilizations for its bevy of benefits, mud represents the Earth. Humans have co-evolve with it for over 500 million years, a symbiotic relation that is important to be maintained. Our earth provides nutrients that make plant life possible, and sustain all the other life forms.

Pursued for external physical remedies and inherent ability to drive out toxins, excessive oil and potentially harmful bacteria, mud is put to use in all the spas around the world to achieve cellular resonance and rapidly clear the body. Coveted for their medicinal and cosmetic benefits, it has been used, for keeping the physical balance of the body. The mind part of the health equation is equally promising.

A range of scientists have dedicated themselves to the task of investigating the Good Earth, botanists, geneticists, microbiologists, immunologists and botanists. Since it has undergone geographical and biological processes, rich in minerals and enzymes, it is a gift from nature. Science says it works. For decades and centuries, it has been wallowed on for medicine and beauty.

Contemporary mud masks combine soothing, emulsifying ingredients such as aloe vera and cocoa butter with natural minerals to create a paste-like compound that is applied to the face or body. This paste is allowed to sit, exposed to air, during which time it dries out. Once the mask has been exposed to air for a period, it dries out into a “shell,” at which point it’s removed with warm water. Made from ingredients that are rich in slats, minerals and nourishing elements, the nutrients of mud are easily absorbed by the skin, with its water base imparting the hydrating effect to the largest organ of the body. Natural collagen is offered from the keratolytic effect with minerals as bentonite, magnesium, potassium, calcium and sodium. Literally helping the skin breathe better, common skin conditions as dermatitis, dryness and eczema can be effectively treated using mud packs, for their anti-toxic and cooling effects. The skin revealed beneath is softer, cleaner, and often appears brighter.

Nature has provided scaffolds of medicinal and healing alternatives, and the therapeutic circuit is inspired and empowered by the five elements of nature. The multidisciplinary approach of naturopathy uses the healing powers of natural resources like food, herbs, earth, water, air and sun to allow the body to heal itself. Of the five elements, mud represent the Earth. Here are a few ways how it has contributed to healthier lifestyle, and demonstrated its healing power.

  1. Skin Problems: It is a fantastic cleanser. As the minerals dry on the skin, they draw out dirt, impurities and toxins. This is ideal to treat acne, oily or combination skin and prevents future blemishes. Its use for cosmetic and therapeutic effects dates to the 16th century and over time, mud masks evolved to be used for their cosmetic benefits as well. The antioxidants can improve the skin’s overall complexion, minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and drooping skin, and remove excess oil. It is also used in scientific management of chronic skin conditions such as vitiligo, rosacea, and psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

  2. Detoxification: Its remarkable property of holding water and rich content of mineral and nutrients, it creates a cooling effect on the skin and blood, thereby controlling the effects of Pitta. Considered as the natural pullers for the skin, encouraging healing, alleviate inflammation and offer protection. It is one of the best ways to detoxify because it extracts harmful toxins stored up in the skin, through its pores, leaving softer and smoother skin. It also improves skin condition by increasing the blood circulation and energizing skin tissues.

  3. Eye Problems: It reduces the irritation of eyes, enhances vision, helps in conjunctivitis, itching of the eyes, allergic conditions and hemorrhage of the eyeball. Applying a cool layer around the eyes help rejuvenate it and promotes good health. Studies have also emphasized on its potential to cut down the risk of glaucoma.

  4. Digestive Problems: Relieves indigestion, decreases intestinal heat and stimulates peristalsis. It helps relieve disorders such as gas, acidity, constipation, and stomach ache. Applying a layer of mud around the stomach also helps pace up the body’s metabolism. In case of diarrhea and vomiting, mud packs work wonders, too. It soaks the heat and activates the bowel.

  5. Stress and Headache: Having a mud or clay spa treatment is also a stress-buster that can help you relax and manage tension.Since it has cooling effects, mud is often prescribed by naturopaths to deal with nervous problems as stress, sleep disorder, anxiety, post-trauma disorders and sciatica. General weakness and nervous disorders are cured by mud therapy. It fights off the excess heat and cools down the body from the inside. It also offers quick relief during heat strokes, without the negative repressions of medication. It also absorbs bad toxins from the surface and clears tensed pathways around the brain.

  6. Joint and Muscle Problems: It reduces the rigidity of the muscles, softens the hard tissues and dissolves hard fatty glands within the body. Therapeutically, they can increase circulation, ease muscle tension, and relieve pain related to arthritis.

  7. Therapy: Sleeping on mud is considered beneficial because it absorbs diseases and evils, a sit has given birth and tries to protect us. With their refined and experienced apprehensions in curing the unity of mind, body and soul, nurturing the being in every aspect. Consequently, it helps us get close to being healthy.

The beautiful synergy of holistic approaches of mud therapy is bound to revitalize, relax, stimulate or sedate you, reconnecting to our own wilderness, and moving away from the linear approach that the things in mud are harmful to our existence, nature in all forms is intuitive to us

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