Summer Body Care

Summer Body Care

Summer can create havoc when it comes to keeping our skin nourished due to the mixture of humidity and heat. The change in climatic conditions from dry to humid weather aggregates dryness and increases the activity of the sebaceous glands that produce oil. In addition to that, the heat enlarges pores, increasing the chances for oil, dirt, and bacteria to get trapped. All skin types are affected by summer weather, regardless of how many summer delights or festivities you enjoy.

To ensure your skin doesn’t get damaged, it will need more attention and care than usual during these hotter months.But, how do you intend to ensure your body is looking tip-top from toe to top? For smooth skin all summer long, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Regular Exfoliation:

Exfoliating is key to brighter, smoother skin no matter the season. The body sheds skin cells rapidly and if we don’t exfoliate the dead skin cells can pile up clogging our pores, congesting the skin, and resulting in an overall dullness. All it takes is simple ingredients from the kitchen like coffee grounds and sugar to reveal smoother skin and stimulate elastin production.An exfoliant with rounded, natural granules can be used three times per week.

For a deeper scrub, apply on dry skin and remove in the shower, or, for a weekly treat, lower yourself into a warm oil bath and allow the exfoliant to ‘melt’ off.

  1. Softening Cleanse

Make a summer rain creamy body wash with a unique blend of nourishing natural ingredients perfect for summer skin care. What makes this homemade body wash so creamy and smooth? The combination of shea butter, apricot oil, and vegetable glycerine add a protective layer to your skin for lasting softness!


  1. Restore Moisture Loss

Your body loses a lot of moisture during the summer months. Often causing your skin to feel dehydrated and itchy. So, how do you keep your skin moisturized in the summer? If your skin needs a drink opt towards a hydrating body butter. Unlock the benefits of green tea and restore moisture to your skin with a simple 2-ingredient green tea body butter.

  1. Protect and Prevent:

Wearing sunscreen is THE most important step in a summer skin care routine. Even if you do everything above, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice to the health, youth, and appearance of your skin by not wearing sunscreen. Always keep some sunscreen with you.The sun’s effect is even greater in summer and you should therefore always apply sun protection to your face and body. Even if it’s cloudy, harmful UV radiation can still put major stress on your skin.

  1. Treat your sunburn properly: Treat your skin to a lot of moisture or cooling gels until the discomfort of sunburn disappears and your skin has recovered.
  2. Take some time to cool off:

Avoid taking an icy cold shower when trying to cool down after a day in the sun.A sudden cold shock means not enough heat escapes from the body after showering, and you’ll quickly start sweating again.It’s better to take a lukewarm shower, to ensure you stay cool for longer once you get out.

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