We all have at least once wondered in our lives – ‘How come my grandmother’s skin is so flawless despite not having used either of the products that I do?’

All these years, especially during our teenage we have witnessed her skin glow, remain smooth, look hydrated, the texture to be as soft as that of a baby’s, look young, and even spotless. Now, that as a youth stuck in their late twenties turned all of us into tiny detectives where we used to secretly open her dressing cabinets and rummage around for chiefly any product that she applies. But we always ended up finding none. One day my grandmother caught me being the little spy and handed over to me a treasure trove. 

Treasure in the form of a list of natural ingredients consisting of flowers, seeds, leaves, barks and a lot more than they used to collect as children from their villages and forests and handed over to their mothers, who in turn used to work their magic around and apply it on their skin.

And one such ingredient is Mahua Butter. Also known as Mahuwa, Mahwa, or butternut tree is an Indian tropical tree found largely in Central India’s Plains and Forests. Mahua seed consists of 35% butter which is rich in palmitic acid, an ingredient that helps keep the skin smooth.

Hello, I am Mahua- the confidant you have been searching for-
Belonging to the family of Sapotaceae is known for its fruit, sweet-smelling flowers which possess immense ethnic values amongst the tribes of India. One of the naturally occurring plants, it boasts of curing innumerable health issues. Out of these issues, one of the major ones being that of skin. 

What is Mahua Butter made up of?
The oil is extracted from the seeds of the butternut tree. It is crude in nature, has a pale yellow tinch, consists of a mild odour and remains solid under tropical temperatures. Used in cosmetics and toiletries, the butter tends to melt when it comes in contact with the skin. 

Mahua Butter- The Billionaire of the Tree Community!
It is considered to be the billionaire of the tree species amongst the tribal community. Why? It is so because Mahua Butter is rich in antioxidants as well as emollient properties. It’s a precursor in detoxifying therapies.

Why is it a boon for our skin?

  • Firm believer of mending and restoring- The higher amounts of antioxidants present in the Mahua Butter helps repair itself. Not only that but it also reduces as well as makes visible damage on the skin disappear. Antioxidants usually do stimulate collagen production, which is extremely helpful in maintaining youthful skin. 

To know the importance of collagen click here-(Provide link of our Collagen article)

  • Not only look better but also feel better- The emollient property that the butter consists of works as a smoothening agent. It fights with all the dry, rough, and flakey skin like a knight in the shining armour. The smooth skin not only makes you look better but also makes you feel better from within. 
  • It’s the Hydro-King- Well, if one’s dermis is dehydrated, the uppermost layer of the skin tends to dry out. This is turn causes the skin to turn out to be scaly, itchy, and flake off. This whole occurrence is likely to leave open spaces between the cells. These emollients then work as the harbingers of water and continue to hydrate your skin. 
  • Your on-call doctor- Mahua butter other than beautifying your skin naturally also has the power to treat skin disorders and diseases. It treats eczema, atopic dermatitis, inflammation, and constant itching. It helps restore and lock moisture which doesn’t let the skin turn dry. 

 We at Mystique Earth, do not focus on making you look great or to enhance the superficial glow of your appearance but work towards making you feel great and healthy from within when it comes to your skin and hair. Because, if they get the right nutrients and supplements, they would grow out to be healthy, smooth, radiant and in turn make you happy. This never-ending cycle of feeling good from within and radiate it on the face and make it look good from the outside and feel radiant from within is what we focus on. 

Hence, here we have our Silk Serum body Lotion which is specially curated for you with Mahua Butter not only for your beautification needs but also medicinal and healthier needs. 

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