Skin Detox

Skin Detox

Skin literally covers every square inch of your body. And, on average, every square inch of your skin contains around 20 feet of blood vessels, 100 oil glands, more than 600 sweat glands, and about 1,000 nerve endings.

We are constantly exposed to different forms of harmful chemicals - from the ingredients in our personal care products to the pollution in the air we breathe. They are unavoidable even if you’re diligent and aware. It is then up to us to either prevent this exposure or remove it from our bodies with different methods.

Over time, free radicals and other toxins accumulate in your body and skin. They may come from air pollution, exposure to harmful chemicals, cigarette smoke, unhealthy foods, and several other sources. They can seriously damage your skin cells by adversely altering lipids, proteins, and DNA and trigger a number of human diseases. That’s why it’s so important to periodically perform a skin detox! When we age or are overexposed to pollutants, our liver can become burdened with this extra job. Over time, our liver might fail to cleanse itself as effectively. That’s why it’s important to support your liver so that it can effectively remove these toxins and get you back to feeling your best. 

Skin detox helps you feel healthy from the inside out. Eliminating unhealthy toxins can give you great results, and can have your skin looking fresh, supple, and smooth. It will not only rid your skin of toxins and free radicals, but it will also give your pores a deep cleanse and remove impurities from your skin cells. 

Here are some of the toxins that could be lead to skin in dire need of detox:

  1. Pollution -Pollution is everywhere. Ever since the industrial revolution, our environment has been inundated with harmful chemicals that negatively impact our health. Free radicals are unstable atoms and the toxic by products of oxygenation that cause damage to cells. These can only be neutralized by antioxidants.
  2. Alcohol & coffee -Alcohol is a depressant while coffee is a stimulant. In moderation, both are okay, but excessive use can take quite a toll, making you irritable, causing you to have low energy, or having other negative side effects that affect your daily life. In the case of excessive alcohol use, your liver can become damaged beyond repair. And, when it comes to coffee, it can actually increase the risk of heart disease.
  3. Cigarettes -Cigarettes are full of chemicals. It’s not just tobacco that is bad for your lungs, skin, and overall health, but toxins like nicotine and tar can greatly impact your health, and in some cases, lead to cancer.
  4. Refined sugars and unhealthy fats -Artificial sugar is especially bad since it causes inflammation that results in collagen and liver damage. While not all fats are bad (and some are even good for you), it’s important to know which ones to avoid. 
  5. Chemical-based household cleaners and personal care products -Cleanser, shampoo, deodorant, and toothpaste: We use these beauty, health, and skin care products on a daily basis. However, we are often unaware of the harmful ingredients they contain. These harmful substances can build up especially quickly because we come in contact with them so often.

Here are a few hints that indicate you need to reboot your skin:

  • skin tone that's patchy or uneven
  • Dull, sallow skin
  • Oily skin
  • Sensitive and or dry skin
  • Sagging and wrinkled skin
  1. Facial Treatments & Skin Care (Detox Your Face from Pollutants)

With the right skin care products, you can cleanse your pores of dead skin cells and oil, wash away toxins, and give your complexion a fresh start.

 Cleanser: Cleansing should be a daily habit, of course, but no matter your typical skincare routine, a skin detox requires cleansing morning  and night . Be mindful of your skin type when choosing which cleansers to use. One way to loosen up all of the dirt, oil, and grime that has accumulated in your pores is to wash your face with an oil-based cleanser before using a water-based cleanser. Cleansing your face this way is known as the ‘double-cleanse method. ’Using a gentle cleanser and warm water, you can get rid of the many impurities from our environment that clog our pores and cause our complexion to age prematurely. 

Exfoliator: Exfoliators contain cleansing ingredients to get any extra oil and dead skin cells out from inside the pores. There are both physical (scrubs) and chemical (acids) exfoliators.

 Serum: After you clean and exfoliate your now much softer and smoother face, it’s time to apply a serum. Finding the right serum that’s packed with botanical extracts and antioxidants can repair stressed, environmentally-damaged skin by reinforcing your skin barrier. Properly hydrate your skin

Morning routines should follow serums with moisturizer and sunscreen (as well as any other preferred products for your skin type), and night routines should be followed by a night moisturizer, cream, or mask (also depending on skin type). Add in a facial oil to your routine at least twice that week for best results.

Mask: There’s no way your skin clearing detox is complete without applying a mask to your face. Depending on whether you apply a clay or sheet mask. Dilute any mask with warm water and leave it on only until it soft, not totally dried. We have it programmed into our brains to leave on masks until they’re cracking and our faces can’t move (we’ve all felt the pain when you need to laugh or yawn with a dried mud mask on). But this tactic actually dries out our skin and strips it of essential oils that are key in keeping the skin hydrated and clean. Apply the mask every other day for the duration of your detox.

  1. Eliminate Toxins Through A Sweaty Workout

One of the most effective ways to cleanse your skin and body is by sweating. You already eliminate harmful substances through sweat and you can encourage this toxin elimination by engaging in workouts that are high impact to further your results. Sweat glands help our skin filter toxins out of the body, which in turn boosts our immune system. Sweating also cools our body and maintains proper body temperature. Spas around the globe recognize the benefits of sweating and encourage guests to relax in increasingly elaborate saunas and steam rooms. weating is the way the body and the skin protects itself from overheating. Sweating also increases the blood circulation in the body. The drips of perspiration is proof our body has a built-in mechanism for keeping cool, which can help open up and unclog pores. The droplets consist primarily of water, as well as concentrations of sodium and chloride, and potassium to an extent,

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  1. Eliminate Through A Natural Skin Detox Diet

If you are looking for a clear skin detox, your diet should emulate the same. Stay away from excessive sugar, fried foods, and instead make fruits and vegetables a large part of your diet. Foods like broccoli, bananas, kale, walnuts, pears, avocados, and watermelon will give you a glow. Even in a skin detox you may have to be careful with what you eat. For a total skin rejuvenation, it’s important to adapt your diet to your skin cleansing goals. Stay off dairy products, fried foods, and added sugar, which are all pore-clogging and skin-dulling, for the duration of your detox. Instead, opt for lots of alkaline-rich fruits and veggies like pears, broccoli, kale, watermelon, and bananas. Alkaline minerals (like calcium, magnesium, and potassium) keep skin strong (and hair, bones, and teeth, just for added bonus points). Glow from the inside out with healthy fats like avocados and walnuts..Make sure to avoid junk or processed food and foods high in sugar.

Instead, add more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, good proteins, healthy fats (e.g. olive oil, walnut oil, cod liver oil, avocado oil, coconut oil), and other clean foods to your daily routine.

  1. Detox Your Skin with Natural Herbs (Body & Skin Cleansing Diet) 

Like eating healthy fruits and veggies, some natural detox and blood cleansing herbs for skin care can also support the detoxification process by clearing your dermis and body of toxins and waste. One solution is to replace your daily toxic ingredients with herbal, plant-based substitutes. The cleaner the ingredient list, the closer your skin will be to detox nirvana. That means clarified, free to breathe, and unburdened by toxins. Herbs are nature's most concentrated plant matter, hence their strong fragrances and often intense flavors.  For your herbal skin detox, the idea is to replace these harmful ingredients with potent natural treatments that can help to re-balance your skin. During your detox, you’ll want to support your skin’s lipid barrier, its pH balance, ability to hold moisture, and cell regeneration abilities. Neem, calendula, eucalyptus, lavender, when applied to your skin, work as mildly purifying astringents that can prevent free radical damage and clear congestion in the pores. 

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  1. Simple Detox To Clear Skin & Body With Water & Supplements 

 A general rule of thumb is to drink eight glasses of water — or water-based beverages — a day to benefit your overall health. It’s also thought that hydration can help the skin by remedying dryness and dullness. There isn’t much research trusted Source to prove this, but keeping up your water intake certainly won’t hurt. Not drinking enough water can also make your body less efficient at metabolizing fat, and the more water you drink, the better your kidneys and liver can perform to keep your body in the best condition. You can add the goodness of fruits and other natural ingredients such as spices and herbs to your water and turn it into detox water. So, if you are prone to acne, dullness and blemishes, detox water can help you get effortlessly clearer and spotless skin. It improves the overall health of your skin and thus makes its texture smooth and your complexion better and brighter too.

  1. Take Skin Detox Baths

Baths are a great way to cleanse your skin while also taking some time to relax. Try adding Epsom salt or even a handful of green tea leaves to your bath water to give your bath extra detoxifying powers.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

A lack of sleep can cause undue stress, emotional swings, and, yes, skin problems. From dark under-eye bags and under-eye wrinkles to dry skin and acne, a lack of sleep will hurt the health of your skin.
Try to get at least six hours of beauty sleep every night. Seven or eight hours is best, if possible. Adequate sleep is crucial for your skin. Just like how your body needs rest, your skin does too. Sleep gives your skin time to repair itself from inflammation and damage. If you skip out on a good night's rest, chances of developing dark circles are higher.

  1. Relax:

An effective skin detox is about much more than just skin care — it’s about adopting a holistic approach to wellbeing! Find ways to relieve stress and relax. This will help put your mind, body, and soul at peace. Skin detox helps detoxify and draw out toxins from the skin's surface, which leaves your skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • You get brighter and clearer skin as a skin detox cleans out blemishesblackheads, irritation, and pores.
  • It tightens and firms skin. As a result, your skin looks and feels younger.
  • It hydrates the skin.
  • An all-embracing skin detox will leave your skin looking glowing and gorgeous.
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