Stop Lying to Your Hair

Ever since our childhood, we’ve heard them all. We still aren’t aware of the horse’s mouth and yet without consulting a Trichologist, Dermatologist, or having a word from other experts we have fallen into the trap of believing a few myths around hair care. Don’t worry, it's not only you or me. There are a lot of us on the same boat laughing at ourselves, face-palming ourselves, or probably questioning our ability to reason because we fell for all those tricks only to have long shiny hair.

It has been heard and even practised blindly since generations. They are strange, they are weird and yet held of immense value not only by us; but by our grandmothers, then mothers and now us. But, it’s time that we distinguish between myths and facts and pass on worthy tips for shiny, healthy and long hair to our future generation.

Let’s debunk the Myths-

  • Cutting makes it Grow Faster- One of the biggest hair myth which every second person keeps talking about, as well as experimenting, is that cutting your hair often would make it grow faster and also keep it healthy. Going as per the science of hair, the hair grows from the follicles found in your scalp. Hence, cutting or trimming your hair strands has nothing to do with your hair growth. If you remember, when you were born as a kid there were rounds of "mundan ceremony" that you were made to go through. At least twice. That's what made your hair grow faster and kept it healthy as it helps improve follicle count.

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  • Split Ends are Repairable- No matter how many products, serums or conditioners you use; split ends can’t be repaired. This situation is believed to arise when the outer protective layer of the hair known as the cuticle is damaged. And to be honest, there is no way to close it. The only way that you can get rid of your split ends and give it a healthier look is by chopping them off.
  • Wash your Hair with Cold Water for Shiny Look- The Science around your skin and your hair work differently. Though it is believed that splashing your face with cold water closes the pores, it doesn’t work the same with your scalp and hair. There isn’t any proof or research done to support this myth. It hardly makes any difference than washing your hair with cold, warm or hot water. One should just be aiming at protecting the scalp from harsh pressure of direct showerheads or water spray because that for sure damages your scalp.
  • Applying Oil makes your Hair greasier- This myth is true only to an extent when this process is done wrong. More than your scalp the tips of your hair needs oiling. Applying excessive oil on your scalp without even massaging it evenly is a problem. Always apply warm oil to your hair, more to the tips and lesser to the scalp.
  • Comb it more to make it healthier- Other than the fairytales, since our childhood we have heard the story of combing our hair 100 times a day. It for sure didn't mean to comb it 100 times a day, instead, comb it often. But, let me tell you- needless combing or brushing of hair causes breakage and especially if you are combing wet hair. Always remember to brush your hair only when it is completely dry and to start combing it from the bottom and then the scalp part.
  • Dry Shampoo is as Good as Regular Shampoo- Dry Shampoo is like your knight in shining armour that saves you on days when you're running out of time and your hair is all oily and scalp greasy. It does soak up excess oil from your hair and scalp and that's all it does. It isn’t a replacement for your regular water, shampoo and conditioner. Using dry shampoo often would turn your hair extremely dry and frizzy. Also, it soaks up oil and not cleans your scalp from the dirt.

Let’s start a campaign with this #ICareForOurHair and tell all your friends, neighbours, colleagues when they talk about these myths. Let them know that it is just a myth and won't work.  

Help them by telling the pointers which would help them have better hair. Other than these have you heard of any other hair care myths? Either of the myths stated above which you believed in? Let us know in the comment section below.  

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