Squats for the glutes,
Crunches for abs,
Hip Dips for love handles,
And some yoga for the face!

Well yes, the most part of what your skin reflects is because of the amount of blood circulation in your face. I still remember my childhood days when I used to lie down on my bed and watch the television upside down with legs on the bed and face downwards in the air. Even if I tried to get up immediately, my mother used to deliberately make me stay in that position for a while and used to say “proper flow of blood to your face and head will give it oxygen and it will give you a happy skin.”

Skin, even though being the largest organ it demands for easiest and feasible ways of taking its care. It is an extremely holistic approach to be able to provide nutrients to all parts of your skin and let it glow naturally. This involves living a healthy and balanced lifestyle- which is inclusive of colourful diet, exercises and consuming seasonal raw vegetables, salads and a lot of fruits. And one such mindful practice which can be brought, followed and adapted in our daily lives is that of yoga. Oopss, not just yoga but Facial Yoga.

Yes, you read it all correct. Facial Yoga!
Facial Yoga, the showstopper of Yogism

Let’s travel back to the time of invention of Ayurveda, tribes dwelling in forests and not the time of development of concrete jungle. Facial yoga has its roots since that era. Have you ever noticed the tribal community irrespective of their age having a natural glow and skin oozing out radiance? Well, that’s because they made the best use of their skin muscles. They inherited the basic idea of stretching their 57 basic facial muscles by putting them to work and toning it naturally. Not only does this idea tones your skin but also boosts blood circulation which in turn firms up your skin; this gives one a young appearance.

That’s how it rolls
What yoga does to your body andtabata does to your muscles; facial yoga does to your face. When these muscles are put to use, they tend to get toned and naturally provide a face lift. But you got to do it regularly. As discontinuation and irregularity of exercise affects your body, discontinuation of facial yoga would too affect your face.

Do you want to be my Facial Yoga Buddy?

  • Let’s get slightly traditional- All of us do love chanting Om. But here is a twist. Let’s chant Om with a smile. Chanting Om is said to relax our face muscles. It even does calms our mind. Close your eyes, smile subtly and visualise a point between your brows. This pose is said to offset the wrinkles or lines that you have welcomed on your face while frowning unconsciously.
  • Let’s get your cheeks pulled-Who doesn’t like cheeks that are plum? You too can puff up your cheeks by inhaling through your mouth and distend it. Now pass that held on air/breath from one cheek to another and release it after 5 times. Such trouble-free as well as swift movements tend to strengthen your cheek muscles and avert them from looking hollow. This asana gives your face a lift and makes your cheek healthier.
  • Don’t we all like fishes! Let’s make a fish face. It’s easy, funny and cute to make. Suck in the inside of both your cheeks till a point it twitches your lips and makes you look like a fish. Hold it for 10 seconds keeping your eyes wide open. At this point of time the eyes are suppose to water. Once that happens you can release the pose and repeat it for a few more times. It helps reduce flabbiness and stretches cheek muscles.
  • Shower yourself with love-Give yourself some kisses and smile. Push your lips outward as much as you can, as if about to kiss and then smile broadly. Repeat it 15 to 20 times a day. This posture works for your cheeks in addition to your chin. When these facial muscles are used repeatedly in a definite manner, it then helps achieve a youthful jawline and rosy cheeks.
  • Question through expressions- Instead of asking what and why by saying it out loud, just lift your eyebrows as much as you can everyday! Place your index finger of both your hands just an inch above your brows. Now, lift your brows while pushing it downward with your fingers. This is a way of toning your forehead muscles as that is where you get your wrinkles prior to anywhere else on your face.
  • Let’s not let them droop- Raise your eyebrows and look upwards. Gently close your eyelids while still looking upwards. This stretching exercise tends to keep your eyelids firm and avoids them from getting droopy.

What are the results?
Like any other form of exercise, facial yoga too has its effects if one follows the routine diligently. The best part being that these exercises can be done anywhere and anytime. While commuting, while taking a break from one lecture, waiting for your coffee to be served, interval time during the movies and many other such occasions.

Just remember, only authenticity is what lasts! Hence, go for ways and means which would cultivate and strengthen your inner beauty. Such beauty and glow would make you happy too. Let me suggest you the application of Mystique Earth’s Youth Concentrate Serum while practicing these facial exercises. It will altogether give you a rejuvenating and mindful experience.

I shall now get back to my facial yoga, until then you too enjoy making facial yoga buddies and share with us your experience.

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