Join Hands with Mystique Earth in Being Kind

Join Hands with Mystique Earth in Being Kind

In today’s world when every other day we are facing the harsh realities we are not only trying to be super kind to ourselves but to others as well. This is the need of an hour. And not just now but would be required always. Not only do we teach our kids to be empathetic but also keep practising the same with them.  

Makeup, cleansers, creams, serums and a lot of other skin and hair care products are first experimented and tested on animals. Animal testing continues to be a problem even in 2020. Millions of animals are used for testing as well as experimenting worldwide each year, while many brands choose to pave a new path and remain cruelty-free like Mystique Earth.  Switching to cruelty-free brands is one of the best ways of saying no to atrocious actions taken on animals.

Thanks to terms and practices that of transparency that cruelty-free is now becoming a norm. 

Why it is important to buy cruelty-free products?

  • It’s being inhumane- The animals used for these experiments are captivated in small cages as well as kept under inhumane conditions. Not just this, but as the experiments continue to happen, the animals are left blinded, crippled and ultimately killed. Not just the physical part; but these animals are even tortured mentally and emotionally. 

  • Look for an alternative- Even though a lot of companies claim to experiment on animals to know whether the products would be harmful to humans or not. Truth is that there are various alternatives for animal testing which can let the companies know whether something is harmful to humans or not.

  • Say no to experiments- To formulate or make new products, companies can choose from a list of 7000 plus ingredients that have proven to be safe. This means that it is no more necessary for the products or ingredients to be tested on animals. 

  • Cruel laws- As per the law, laboratory animals aren't protected from abuse and cruelty. This sounds to be biased, cruel, unethical and inhumane. We fight for the rights of our pets, run protests for street animals, sign petitions for wild animals and rare species but these laboratories aren't treated as same. Instead of homes, even if in labs, they are animals too after all!

  • Budget-friendly- Well, most of the cruelty-free brands are budget-friendly. They are light on your pocket and work like magic on your skin and hair. You don't have to shell out a lot of money to have flawless skin.

  • Natural and Healthy- As soon as you switch to cruelty-free brands or products it opens a whole wide world of natural products for you as well. Not only are these products natural but also comparatively healthier. We need to know that our skin absorbs everything that we feed it. Feeding it with chemicals, parabens, the artificial fragrance is exactly like feeding your system with junk food daily. It isn't healthy at all.

  • A Step towards being eco-friendly- All such cruelty-free products and brands contain no or less toxic ingredients which are healthier for the environment. They are not only better for one's health but also help to promote healthy environmental practices.  

So, can we change things? You or me? All of us? Can we? Rather, do we want to change things? Let’s strive and buy natural products and make this world a better place to dwell in. Thank you for deciding to go cruelty-free and making a difference by buying the products by Mystique Earth!

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