How to Choose the Best Shampoo for Reduced Hair Fall and Dry Hair

How to Choose the Best Shampoo for Reduced Hair Fall and Dry Hair

Hair is women's most prized natural gift. The hair needs optimum care to maintain its refined elegance. Just like the skin, the hair also requires adequate attention and supervision to help reduce hair fall and eliminate dry hair issues. In this article, we will highlight how to choose the best shampoo for reduced hair fall and dry hair that can bring your hair back to its former finesse and glory. 


What are the Causes of Hair Fall and Brittle Dry Hair?

Hair fall and dry lumpy hair can have many underlying conditions such as lack of essential nutrients and heightened stress hormones that can be categorized under medical issues. However, one of the significant contributors to excessive hair shedding and dry hair is frequent exposure to a pollution-laden atmosphere and changes in the weather that can induce a temporary hair shedding experience.

More serious and long-term hair shedding can happen due to the lack of essential nutrients and dietary supplements that can also be a primary culprit of causing excessive hair fall and damage to the hair texture and porosity. 


How Do Shampoos Help Reduce Excessive Hair Fall?

Shampoos primarily are cleaning tools that can help wash away the toxic gunk accumulated in the form of sebum, dead cells, dandruff, and dust particles. In this way, while taking a bath and washing your hair, this activity can stimulate blood circulation in the scalp. It is an effective way that encourages hair growth and development.

Furthermore, the best shampoo for reduced hair fall and dry hair helps alleviate scalp inflammation and assist in the removal of toxins accumulated on the scalp in the form of dead skin cells, dandruff, and sebum..

Shampoos are also beneficial in maintaining the hair and scalp cleanliness and protect your hair from the frequent pollution assault that can render the hair lifeless and brittle. Shampoos with organically rich ingredients can boost your hair health and provide a protective layer to keep the hair retain its elegance back. 


How to Choose the Best Shampoo to Reduce Hair Fall and Dry Hair?

Few essential things must be considered before selecting the best shampoo for hair fall and dry hair that perfectly tackles your hair fall issues.

  1. Categorize your hair type

One of the most important things to consider while selecting a shampoo is what type of hair do you possess in general. The subcategories will include dry and oily hair, which later can be segregated based on ingredients available to tackle each hair issue with direct and mild action. Once the type has been deciphered, it becomes relatively easier to select the best shampoo to reduce hair fall based on the hair type and its specifications. 

  1. Understand your hair concerns 

Secondly, it becomes quite important to understand what is the immediate concern related to your hair that has been a cause of anxiety for you. Is it growing dandruff on the scalp or hair fall? Perhaps it's the oily hair issue or maybe the hair is too thin, brittle, and difficult to style. Stating your concerns will eliminate the issue and help you in selecting the best possible product for you. 

  1. Appropriate pH levels to enhance hair beauty

A shampoo should cater to establishing a normal pH level on the scalp to amplify the layer of the acid mantle. This acid mantle comprises sebum mixed with the sweat of your scalp that encapsulates the skin of your hair with a thin sheen of this acidic mantle. This mantle is what protects the scalp from developing and harbouring more fungi and bacteria and prevents them from wreaking havoc on hair. Hence a shampoo that helps maintain these levels is an absolute must-have item on your bucket list. 


Which Is the Best Shampoo to Reduce Hair Fall and Dry Hair?

As the retail markets have been exploding with products famous for tackling hair fall issues, these products have also been fostering many chemicals and factory-produced extracts that have played a major role in the degradation of hair and causing hair fall. On the other hand, organically produced products with paraben-free disclaimer should be prioritized first before buying a hair care product.

Mystique Earth's Macro Mild Shampoo is the newest addition in the world of organic markets and has sustained good reviews and feedback in terms of hair health and care, the shampoo's mild stimulant on hair does not hamper the hair's natural porosity and tackles plenty of hair issues including preventing premature greying and reducing hair loss. The shampoo also facilitates protection against premature greying making the hair feel more luxurious than ever.

Mystique Earth's Macro Mild Shampoo involves an amalgamation of the two most archaic herbs known as Marigold or Genda and Bark of Ratanjot Tree that abundantly supply the hair with necessary nutrients to resist hair fall. 

  • Marigold or Genda: It successfully revives the hair by providing necessary hydration to the follicles and making each strand infused with life and dense black sheen. 
  • Ratanjot: Picked as the finest specimen, it helps promote hair growth and scalp stimulation via prevention against baldness. The ratanjot extracts are also deemed quite successful in conditioning the hair strands and making them feel fuller and smooth. 



Your hair is susceptible to many environmental and stress concerns that can make them lifeless, dry and brittle. Therefore, you need the best shampoo to reduce hair fall and dry hair to combat the early onslaught of hair fall and dry hair issues and gain dense hair.
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