How Does the Best Anti Hair Fall Shampoo for Women Prevents Excessive Hair Fall

How Does the Best Anti Hair Fall Shampoo for Women Prevents Excessive Hair Fall

For most women, hair fall is a nightmare. Even after having sufficient nutrition, you can suffer from hair fall. Though some amount of hair fall is natural, you need to make sure that you are not losing an excessive amount. Hence, the moment you notice heavy hair fall, make sure to use the best anti hair fall shampoo for women in order to safeguard the remaining ones. Read on to know about the types and causes of hair fall and how you can prevent hair fall using Mystique Earth Macro Moist Shampoo


Types of Hair Fall in Women

Are you experiencing gradual thinning of hair or suffering from sudden hair loss? Here are the common types of hair fall you might experience as a woman: 

  1. Bald spots: Though it is not the most common type of hair fall type, many women suffer from this. In this case, you will lose hair of a particular circular or patchy area of your scalp. You may also feel itchiness or pain just before the hair fall.
  2. Overall thinning: This is the most common type of hair fall women around the world experience. Though it is common for both men and women, women generally notice the broadening of their parting broadens.
  3. Losing handfuls of hair: It is common to experience very sudden hair loss if you are going through emotional or physical trauma. You will notice this type of hair fall while washing or combing the hair. This often leads to the overall thinning of hair.
  4. Complete hair loss: Certain medical situations can lead you to face complete hair loss. If you have gone through chemotherapy, you will notice sudden hair loss, and it can happen all over your body.  


What Causes Hair Fall in Women

Losing some of your hair every day is normal. But when you notice unusual hair loss, you need to analyze it to find out about the possible reasons. 

  1. Stress

Nowadays, stress has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Unfortunately, it can give rise to many medical issues, including hair loss. If you are having a stressful time, try to manage it immediately to save yourself from hair fall. You can also use the best anti hair fall shampoo for women to control hair shedding.

  1. Genetics

Hair loss can also happen due to genetics. As you become old, the hereditary condition is the most common cause of hair loss in women. If some of your other family members had this same issue, you might be having it for the same genetics. 

  1. Childbirth

It is one of the most hectic times for a woman both physically and emotionally. Many of you can experience sudden hair loss before and after childbirth. Hormonal imbalance during active pregnancy causes this, and hair fall due to this reason is usually temporary. 

  1. Menopause

Increased hair fall is one of the main symptoms of women going through menopause. You may have hair loss between the ages of 45 to 50 because of menopause. Usually, hormone changes, stress, or other health conditions are responsible for hair fall at this stage.

  1. Hair Styling

This may come as a surprise to you, but excessive hair styling can also be the reason for hair fall. If you are too much into heating, bleaching, and harmful permanent treatments, you are putting more stress on your hair than it can handle. 

  1. Weight Loss

If you are trying to lose some weight and following a strict diet for that, it may be the reason for hair fall. Sudden or excessive weight loss can also lead to hair fall. Once you get back on your regular diet, hair growth will become normal.

  1. Nutritional Deficiency

Sometimes, you may be missing out on some influential nutrients such as Vitamin B12, Biotin, Folate, and Riboflavin, even with your regular diet. If this is the case, you should start taking multi-vitamins to stop hair loss.


Use Best Anti Hair Fall Shampoo For Women To Resolve The Issues

For women suffering from any type of hair fall, the Macro Mild Shampoo of Mystique Earth is the ideal choice. Made of 98% or natural ingredients, this new addition to the organic hair care product market offers complete protection against hair fall. Besides, it promotes hair regeneration and fixes other hair and scalp-related issues like premature greying of hair. 

Macro Mild Shampoo comes with a unique combination of herbs known as Marigold or Genda and Bark of Ratanjot Tree. The best anti hair fall shampoo for women, infused with the secret recipe of tribal India, makes sure that your hair gets all the necessary nutrients to prevent hair fall. 

  • Marigold: It is famous for reviving the hair through hydration. It infuses life to each hair strand and offers it a lively black shine.
  • Ratanjot: This popular Indian herb promotes hair growth. It assists in scalp stimulation that prevents hair shedding. It also conditions the hair strands successfully. 
  • Bitter Gourd: Successfully fights severe hair fall and maintains hair health. 
  • Poppy Seed: Promotes hair growth besides offering thick hair healthy scalp.
  • Neem: Protects hair from pollution with high levels of antioxidants. 
  • Rosemary: Mauritius the hair and stimulates blood circulation, resulting in hair growth. 
  • Vetiver: Heals dry scalp and boosts collagen formation. Suitable for preventing excessive hair loss.



As a woman, hair fall is the problem you are most likely to face at one point in your life or another. Using the best anti hair fall shampoo for women can stop the situation from deteriorating any further and keep the situation under control. You can depend on Macro Moist Shampoo from Mystique Earth to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth for healthy hair.

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