Glass Skin- Reflect the beauty within you

Glass Skin- Reflect the beauty within you

Incepted in Japan and reigning the world since then, the concept of Glass Skin is a metaphor for the commitment and consistency that is aimed at a rigorous routine of skincare, and not cosmetics, to reveal skin that is ultra smooth and translucent. The metaphor glass skin, envisions skin that is coveted as skin that is practically reflective, like a piece of glass.

The collective fascination of this trend has its roots in a routine that focuses on hydrating the skin, rather than relying on the astringent properties of some products. When skin surface is sufficiently smooth, the surface beneath creates a moist, lustrous appearance on which, when the light falls, is translucent and reflects light like the surface of a glass.

The multidimensional approach is heralded for its technique of layering different products on the skin for the supple, dewy, blemish-free and luminous appearance.  Intensely moisturized skin gives off a transparent complexion and a youthful, lit from the within glow.

  1. Double Cleansing: A clean skin canvass is a must for skincare. This approach recommends using an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water based one for deep cleansing. Specific combination of oils is used for different skin types, to maintain the natural balance of skin oils.

Based on the concept of like dissolves like, these oils when massaged on to the skin, dissolve the oil that is hardened into impurities and stored in the pores. The thorough emulsification helps replace the dirty oil with beneficial oils extracted form botanicals, vegetables, fruits and heal the skin while protecting it from the harsh chemically formulated agents of cleansers.

Ideally, the ratio of oil used for their purpose and properties is as follows:

  • Oily Skin: 1/3rdCastor oil + 2/3rdOlive Oil/Sunflower Oil
  • Normal Skin: 1/4thCastor Oil+ 3/4thlive Oil/Sunflower Oil
  • Dry Skin- All nourishing oil with a very small amount of Castor Oil

Water based cleansers work well on the way follicles are oriented on the face, to deeply and gently penetrate the cells for cleansing, washing away water-based debris such as sweat and dirt. 2. Exfoliation: Skin, as the biggest organ is constantly regenerating itself. Exfoliation stimulates cell renewal by sloughing dead skin away from the cells helps prevent clogging of pores. Exfoliants that have fine, small and even particles are known to be more delicate on the skin. New, smoother skin looks radiant and younger, with improved blood circulation. It also helps the moisturizer to penetrate deeper in the skin cells.

Honey is a great natural exfoliator and has humectant properties, which help attract moisture. Oatmeal is also considered as a great natural exfoliator, while sugar, with its content of glycolic acid, helps break down skin cells, prevents clogged pores and decreases fine lines.

3. Toning: Cleaning and toning opens up the skin pores and leaves them open if not followed with a toner. Thus, toners are necessary to avoid clogging of pores by minimizing its size. Moisture enhancing and refreshing ingredients penetrate to restore the ph. level of skin and provide base hydration for better absorption of the coming products. Toners prepares the skin for optimal absorption and effects of products applied henceforth. Not just does it reduce the sebum, but also smooths the skin surface by shrinking the pores, reducing the redness and inflammation. Mint leaves, aloe vera, ice cold water help bring the skin to its natural ph. state, that of about 5.5, clearing away impurities and leaving fresh, balanced and squeaky clean. As a valuable part of daily skincare ritual, providing a healthy skin tone and clear skin.Camphor and rose water are great toners, that help reduce sebum secretion and excess oil. The antioxidant rich derivatives also reduce damage and inflammation of the skin, that is more vulnerable and accepting for deeply reaching benefits.

4. Essence and Serum:Packed with concentrated blends of hydrating, antiaging and complexion enhancing ingredients, it helps in increasing the cell turnover. These are lightweight and water-based solutions, that address specific skin concerns like pigmentation and redness, ageing and fine lines, and deliver moisture and hydration as well. With lower molecular weight than a moisturizer, it goes skin deep. The active ingredients also optimize the cell turnover and revitalizes for a youthful look. With a variety of consistencies, these act as a primer for the moisturizer, and rebalance the skin while allowing penetration in the skin barrier, while protecting from free skin radicals and environmental aggressors.

A combination made up of aloe vera juice/rose water and vegetable glycerin works as a great product to be sprayed on the face using a bottle.

Loaded with ceramides, nutrients, glycerin and vitamins, serums have a high concentration of active ingredients that help restore the moisture and elasticity of the skin, while regulating oil production. It also helps in cell turnover, by penetrating deep into the skin and help in treatment of various skin concerns. Multitasking elements of serum promote collagen production and provide structural firmness, reversing signs of ageing and providing nourishment. The oil or water-based serums are highly concentrated and their targeted nutrients address specific skin concerns.

  • Oily Skin/Grapeseed Oil + Aloe Vera/Rose Water+ Vitamin C+ Essential
  • OilDry Skin: Sweet Almond/Avocado Oil + Aloe Vera/Rose Water/Vitamin C+ Essential Oil
  • Normal Skin: Jojoba Oil? Sunflower Seed Oil+ Rosewater/Glycerin+ Essential Oil.

5. Moisturization: When the skin is hydrated, fine lines and wrinkles smooth out and the epidermis makes the skin glow,A moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated either by trapping water that is there, or adding water to the skin. Natural, botanical and flower oils have the have the ability to bind themselves to the tissue of the skin and soften, smooth, tone and rehydrate it. Made from nourishing botanical extracts and powerful antioxidants, these hydrators are sought after for their healing, anti-ageing and barrier restoring properties. Natural oils are great moisturizers for the skin. Coconut oil’s high fatty content and anti-inflammatory properties help with skins natural barrier. Honey, also has antimicrobial properties.Aloe, with its high Vitamin A, C, E and B12, helps reduce the damage of free radicals and contains inflammation-reducing enzymes. With its preservative free and natural base, oils are a great choice because they wont strip the skin’s natural oils but will clean it well. It offers a healthy sheen and lets the skin repair itself while staying healthy in the process.

6. Eye cream: Eyes have the most sensitive area around them, and thus the most delicate areaneeds nourishment for the skin around it to prevent the first signs of ageing, dark circles, crow’s feet and puffiness.  Frozen coffee ice cubes, green tea bags, and massaging with coconut or olive oil also work best along with offering, a peaceful, meditative and calm therapy for the entire body.

7. Sunscreen:Exposing the skin to ultraviolet ray’s cause sever damage, which may sometimes be irreparable. Some sunscreens are known to provide about 70% of protection from the sun damage, UV rays are the culprit of ageing, hyperpigmentation and dullness of the skin. Aloe vera is known to treat and prevent burns. Glycerin helps to prevent damage from getting permanent. Musk melon helps reverse the damage by working on tans and fine lines by removing melanin stroke from the skin.

With an all-encompassing sentiment of celebrating the skin you are in, the broad spectrum of skin care rituals perpetuates the art of caring, an interest forconsistency and fosters a commitment for the health and wellness.

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