As the season changes and summer approaches we feel joyful and happy. Summer also brings with it possibilities of heat stroke, rashes, and boils and most, importantly, dehydration. Thanks to the high temperature and humidity, your body loses water in various ways.  Through the skin in the form of perspiration, through the kidney as urine and stools, and through the lungs as you exhale water vapor. Along with water, essential salts and minerals are also lost. So, it is important to replenish the lost nutrients as soon as possible. It is recommended that humans drink an average of two liters of water a day. Of course, this can vary based on factors such as your physical activity levels, geographical location, climate, age, and gender. So, if your daily routine includes playing sports, dancing, and trekking, you need more water than someone who, usually, stays indoors. Pregnant and lactating mothers also need to intake more water than others.

Summer is here and with the temperature reaching a new high every day, staying hydrated is a must to avoid health problems. The current dry spell has seen ponds shrink and plants burning up.Water is no doubt a miracle drink but if you don’t like the taste of water, drinking fruit juices is also a healthy way to stay hydrated. However, drinking ready made juices will not serve the purpose as they cause more harm to your health. So, in this blog, we list some healthy fruit juices that you can drink to beat the summer heat. 

Made from seasonal fruits, herbs and spices, traditional coolers are the perfect way to beat the heat on sizzling summer days. Every region in India has its own versions, each perfected by years of experience and passing time. Moreover, each of them has a story of its own, a tale of centuries-old culture and cherished memories

Tender Coconut Water: 

Known for its concentrations of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals, coconut water has swept the nation. From yoga studios to vending machines, you can buy the tropical drink just about anywhere. Coconut water is made from the clear liquid inside of green coconuts. It’s not to be confused with coconut milk, which is made from the water and the flesh inside of a mature coconut. Over 95 percent of coconut water is water. Despite its recent explosion in popularity, coconut water has been consumed for centuries in tropical regions around the world. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine, coconut water is believed to help digestion, urination, and even semen production. This beverage is replete with electrolytes and other essential nutrients.It works wonders on your health –from boosting heart health to possibly treating acne, coconut water has a lot to offer.


Coconut water is a rich source of potassium

It helps prevent dehydration, fatigue, and stress

It is a pitta-pacifying drink

Lime juice or Lemonade:

The very sight and smell of a sliced lemon awakens and energizes you. Add some salt and honey to the lime juice for that sweet and sour combination, and it will stimulate your taste buds even more. This citric juice can refresh you instantly even when you are in a lethargic mood!

 Loaded with vitamin C, lemonade is a body cleanser and has wonderful detox abilities. It keeps the body cool during the summers. The alkaline nature of the lemons protects the cells from oxidation. It also aids in weight loss, relieves constipation, helps treating acne and energizes the body and immune system.


It helps your body secrete digestive juices, preventing indigestion.

The acidic nature of lemon helps remove dirt stuck to your teeth. It also promotes fresh breath, making it ideal for oral hygiene.

It boosts your energy levels, without increasing the calorific content.

It helps replenish those essential salts lost through perspiration.

Unripe lemon is vata and kapha pacifying, while ripe ones are pitta and kapha-pacifying foods.


Often touted as the oldest smoothie in the world, a sip of luscious lassi (often served with a dollop of decadent malai) cascading down your parched throat can instantly lift your mood and provide relief from the sultry heat. Interestingly, Odisha has its own unique version of the lassi – the Oriya lassi also has grated coconut, rabdi, cherries and myriad nuts!

A glass of buttermilk or Chaas is good for your health and is so refreshing with no additives. It is one of the simplest and most effective ways of cooling your body. The curd is, after all, a staple diet in India. All you have to do is dilute it, and add some salt to it, and you have a refreshing drink to help battle the outside heat. You could, also, add spices like cumin seeds powder and curry leaves to flavor it. It packs a lot of health benefits AND is so easy to make from the easily available ingredients of your kitchen. While cold sodas only give momentary respite as we drink the cool liquid, buttermilk cools the body from within. The cooling properties of chaas can effectively bring down the temperature of the body. It even helps menopausal women combat hot flushes.


It helps settle any indigestion issues you may be having by detoxifying your system.

It is a rich source of calcium, Vitamin B12, and potassium.

It also helps eliminate headaches and nausea.

Kokum Sherbet: 

Indian summers are heralded with copious quantities of this classic cooler made of amsulor kokum, a sweet and sour fruit that grows nowhere else in the world. Kokum is said to be an indigenous to the Western Ghats of India and has been a part of the country's history since centuries. Farmers are said to harvest kokum commercially throughout the western coastal regions of India, from Gujarat to Maharashtra and Kerala. The fruit season lasts through March, April and May.

Its gorgeous red colour just adds to the appeal of this unusual drink which is an amazing appetizer. Kokum can also be consumed as sol kadi, a mellow coconut milk-based drink that is just perfect to balance the fireworks of a rich, spicy meal. Since kokum is easily available in the market, you can make kokum sharbat at the comfort of your home without any preservative or additives.


This juice is suggested for digestion issues, arthritis pain, and stomach ulcers

It is a good source of Vitamin C and antioxidants

Ripe fruit balances vata and kapha

Bael or Wood Apple Juice:

 A seasonal summer fruit filled with nutritional goodness, Bel (Wood Apple) (also known as Bellada Hannu in Kannada and Maredu in Telegu) is said to cure everything from heatstroke and upset tummy to dehydration and diabetes. 

Bael is a tree which is native to Indian soil and hence, suits the Indian body as well. Since the fruit is naturally sweet, it does not require an additional spoonful of sugar to match your taste buds. Bael juice solves the constipation issues, helps in weight loss and increase metabolism. Bael is a powerful fruit packed with many nutrients like beta-carotene, protein, riboflavin and vitamin C.


Its fibrous nature helps relieve constipation

It is a digestive aid

It boosts the immune system

Mango Drinks:

One of the perks of living in a tropical nation like India is the opportunity to indulge in mango-based summer drinks, of which the flavour-packed aam panna undoubtedly has the widest appeal. The drink that tastes of nostalgia, the enticing sweet-sour-spicy flavours of fresh kairi (raw mango) panna is especially popular in North Western India.

Mango is the ultimate delight to savour in the hot summer months. The best thing about mango is that it tastes wonderful in any form - whether it is had raw as whole fruit, as a delectable dessert or even as a refreshing drink. There's something about the fruit's juicy texture and overly sweet flavour that we just can't get enough of. If you're a mango-lover too, then this Mango Mastani recipe is the perfect drink for you to enjoy in the sweltering hot summer months!

Made with fresh mango pulp, creamy milk and vanilla ice cream - the Mango Mastani is a satisfying affair by itself. It is similar to a thick, pulpy and creamy mango milkshake, however, the main difference is that it is topped with vanilla ice cream, chopped dry fruits and some interesting spices. 

It aids in digestion, and helps prevent constipation.

Mangoes are a rich source of Vitamin A and minerals

It helps replenish sodium lost through perspiration in summer


Summer coolant Jal Jeera emerged from the northern parts of the country due to it’s cooling effects on the body. This refresher was created by a group of people on the banks of Ganges where it was prepared with silbatti (stone slabs) grinding all the ingredients finely, after which the powder was mixed with water and preserved in clay pots to keep it cool.

  1. Stimulates digestive enzymes and keep your digestion on point throughout summer.
  2. Helps in keeping some common problems at bay, including heartburn, acidity, gas, nausea and giddiness.
  3. Helpful for people who have undergone radiation therapy of chemotherapy.


A cooling drink made to delight the senses, Thandaaiis a tantalizing version of milk energized with almonds, fennel seeds, watermelon seed, saffron and fragrant spices. Traditionally associated with festivals like Mahashivratri and Holi, this decadent drink is a soothing refresher in the season of soaring temperatures. Made with an indulgent mix of nuts and fragrant spices like almonds, poppy seeds, fennel, pepper and cardamom with milk and sugar, and of course, often laced with bhang, for that signature kick, thandai is the flavour of the season whenever you think of Holi.


If  you ever wanted to eat water or drink fruit, watermelon is what you are looking for. After all, every bite contains 90% water! But, watermelon juice has a way of reaching every hot nerve in your body, instantly cooling you - physically and mentally.


It helps relieve fatigue, and stress

It is also good for relieving headache on a scorching hot summer day

It is a good digestion aid. It helps flush out toxins

Papaya Juice: 

Another soothing juice to beat the heat is papaya juice. The miracle ingredient keeps heart healthy, regulates blood circulation and cleanses the body. Papaya also resolves indigestion and many other stomach ailments. As these are some of the common problems faced in summer, papaya juice can act as a miracle for you. Add chunks of papaya to Cold Pressed Juicer and your papaya juice will be ready in minutes. 



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