Cherish the Cherimoya!

Cherish the Cherimoya!

Cherish the Cherimoya!

The benefits of Cherimoya has hypnotised tribal lands for long. Grown abundantly in the wild forests of Satpura by an array of tribes, Cherimoya (or Custard Apple) has been a source of delight since time immemorial. From being depicted on a bas relief in the Bharhut Stupa and Sanchi sculptures to being Abul Fazl’s muse muse in Ain-i-Akbari, Cherimoya finds itself to be at the centre of attention for centuries.

The tribal world of India adores it. The Birjian and Oraon tribe of Jharkhand and Odisha have devised their mighty concoctions of Sitaphal being used for boosting fertility among women. The Bhil tribesmen also use it as an herbal holistic remedy for several ailments.

Although the name Cherimoya finds its links to the Inca empire of South America where they had used this creamy and delightful fruit since antiquity, this delectable fruit is widely known as Seetaphala in Hindi and Bengali and Seetapholo in Odia owing its ancient references to the fable that it was named Sitaphal after Goddess Sita bestowed upon Lord Rama this graceful fruit during Vanwas. It also finds an official mention in the Ramayana.

While a rich history is associated to the voluptuous and fulsome gourmet fruit, it is also full of hearty vitamins and minerals which not only promote good health by boosting immunity but also help it in being an excellent skin TLC treat in hiding. The benefits of Cherimoya

1. It fades away acne marks, dark spots and hyper pigmentation

Cherimoya has an inordinate amount of Vitamin C in it. Vitamin C is one of those potent vitamins which are extremely healthy for your skin. Its highly potent antioxidant properties accelerate skin regeneration processes which help your skin in repairing itself inside out.

It also contains a property that inhibits skin’s melanin products, so those pesky acne marks, vicious dark spots and stubborn hyper pigmentation would become the talk of yesterday with the glorious Sitaphal.

2. It makes for an incredibly moisturising treat

The goodness of Cheriomoya doesn’t just end at its impeccable antioxidant property, it is also intensely moisturising nature because of the high content of the Vitamin A present.

Vitamin A is one of those vitamins which infuses your skin with ample moisture while also stimulating new skin cells making your skin look soft and plump from inside much like the creamy Cherimoya itself.

3. It makes even mature skin youthful and bouncy

It’s incredible antioxidant property neutralizes free radicals which are the main culprit of skin ageing and wrinkles.

As we grow older our skin’s ability to fight the wandering free radicals and the oxidative stress they cause diminishes letting our skin age and fine lines and wrinkles appear.

But when the mighty natural antioxidants present in Cherimoya infuse our skin, it wipes out those free radicals and skin ageing is stopped in its tracks.

4. It makes your skin get that flushed glow!

Apart from these luscious vitamins, Cherimoya is also full of marvellous skin-enhancing minerals like Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Copper.

Potassium enhances the moisture levels of your skin and blows some energy into how your skin feels on a day to day basis, while Magnesium makes the hormones imbalances level out so that your skin isn’t confounded by the whims of your hormones.

Iron makes sure that your skin is getting proper oxygen and Cooper boosts collagen production.

This bunch of minerals is sure to get your blood flowing and giving you that coveted flushed glow!

5. It makes for an effective scrub

Tribesmen revere Cherimoya fervently. For some, it’s a source of livelihood, for some an alchemy and some a symbol of fertility since it’s full of coal-black seeds. The prowess of its texture doesn’t end there, its creamy yet slightly grainy texture also makes for an effective scrub.

Here is a D.I.Y. Custard Apple and Coffee Scrub Recipe:

· 1/2 cup Custard Apple pulp fined in a mixer

· 2 tsp Ground Coffee

· 1/2 tsp Honey

· 1 tsp Warm Water (Optional)

Finely ground the Custard Apple pulp in a mixer until it is of a smooth yet not-runny consistency.

Add the given amount of coffee and honey into it.

Take the mix and give it a few whirls so that it settles nicely.

Take the scrub and put it on freshly cleansed skin (See our Bubble Facial Cleanser back link, one of our Custard Apple skincare products), and with circular motions massage it nicely throughout skin so that its grainy texture penetrates under the skin and removes hidden debris and buildup.


Note: Sometimes coffee tends to form chunks, add the warm water to de-chunk the mix if that happens.

Wash with clean water when you are done, and say hello to gorgeous skin!

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