Awaken your Inner Hair Goddess

Awaken your Inner Hair Goddess

All of us want our hair to be long, shiny, heavy dark locks- but the monsoon season likes to smash to smithereens all our childhood dreams in an instant and instead make our hair frizzy, dry and lifeless.

Well, who doesn’t desire long, voluminous, shiny, soft locks? Who hasn’t on the good hair days walked in front of our mirrors imagining ourselves walking down the red carpet waving our tresses? Who hasn’t clicked infinite selfies and flaunted them just because the locks were perfect?

Long tresses work like magic. Such magic that nobody can ignore or walk past without admiring. Though it is quite difficult to maintain the charm as well as take care of them, especially during the monsoons- it isn’t impossible. It isn’t impossible to awaken the Goddess inside of us. As per the tribal culture Goddesses had beautiful long hair. Hair, that fell past their feet, gold in colour like that of wheat fields, the ones that used to gleam in the sunshine, soft and dark locks. 

You too can do it if you know what needs to be taken care of and how!

Why does monsoon cause hair damage?

The humidity in the weather causes stickiness. This stickiness in turn increases the probability of hair fall, dandruff, dry scalp, frizziness. The starkness of rainwater and the increase in the levels of hydrogen in the atmosphere proves to be the enemies of not only our hair but also the scalp. Not only this, but our hair tends to be at its weakest during this season hence, it needs extra care and attention.

What does our hair needs during the monsoon?

One needs to avoid the stickiness, try and maintain a clean and dry scalp. If it gets wet in the rain, the rainwater needs to be washed, a specific shampoo (that suits your scalp) needs to be used, and try to retain the moisture!

Hair care tips for the monsoon-

· Make sure to wash away the rainwater. The particles left behind by the rainwater can prove to be harsh for your hair. Hence, maintaining cleanliness is essential not only for the hair but also for your scalp. 
· Always make sure to oil your hair before you wash them. Apply warm oil as that would be nutritious to your hair and scalp and not turn out to be sticky.
· Condition your hair with various home-made masques as it neutralises frizziness and smoothens your hair.

Few DIY hair masks that could be tried by you-

1.      Banana and Honey hair mask- banana nourishes the scalp and prevents breakage and split ends. Honey being a hydrant helps maintain the moisture.
2.      Aloe Honey Coconut oil hair mask- Aloe vera has infinite benefits. Extract the fresh gel from its plant and mix it with honey as well as coconut oil. This mask helps soothe the dry itchy scalps and prevents dandruff. 
3.      Yoghurt and Egg hair mask- Yoghurt and egg both provide shine and smoothness to your hair and makes the tips of the hair healthy too. If you have an oily scalp then kindly avoid the yolk and make the mask only with the egg whites. 
4.      Fenugreek/ Methi dana hair mask- This kitchen ingredient works like magic on one’s hair. This adds volume to one’s hair, reduces hair fall as the components that the seeds are made up of triggers re-growth. Just soak the seeds overnight and the next morning grind it, add some yoghurt to give it a mask-like consistency, and apply it all over your scalp and hair. 

  • If your scalp is itchy and prone to frequent dandruff then add lemon juice to your shampoo. The antioxidants present in this Vitamin C enriched fruit tend to clean your scalp as well as tighten the pores. 
  • Fermented rice water too works wonders and awakens your inner goddess. Soak a cup of rice overnight and the next morning collect that water in a spray bottle. Add 2 tbsps of coconut oil and a cup of plain water. Apply it all over your scalp and hair. This is extremely nutritious and nothing can then make your tresses not look good or healthy. 

A lot many methods depending on the weather and the texture of your hair can be experimented by you. Trust me there won’t pass by a day when you wouldn’t tell your hair that you love them being all heart-eyed.

Monsoon may be harsh, but now you know the secrets!

As somebody has wisely said, “Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off.” Do it, after all, love is in the hair!

Signing off as next time I would love to see you soon flaunting your tresses and loving them.

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