9 Tips (that actually work) to keep your skin hydrated & glowing in summer

9 Tips (that actually work) to keep your skin hydrated & glowing in summer

Summer means beach days, travel, hiking, nature walks, road trips, picnic, and swimming!

But proper attention to our skin is essential during these scorching days. Here we have compiled for you our best-hidden summer skincare secrets:

1. Amp up your ‘Water' Intake

Water, the Holy Grail for skin has got everyone talking. The ultimate gospel that 3-5 liters of water a day keeps your skin healthy apart from detoxifying your skin is true but gulping down so many glasses of water sometimes makes our bodies not being able to digest the water well enough.

What’s important is keeping yourself hydrated with other moisture-rich foods? For example, watermelon has one of the highest water content with a slice of it containing 92% water.

Eating foods like Watermelon, Cucumber, Oranges, Soups, Broths, Spinach, Lemonades not only keep your moisture levels on balance but also provide essential vitamins and minerals to your skin.

2. Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

Your skin is what you eat; there is no shying away from that.

This summer keep the junk food in the junk and open your arms to healthy and hearty seasonal fruits and vegetables of the summer!

Some evidence suggests that if you keep eating the same food over and over again— even if it’s healthy—your body stops getting the nutrition from it like it used to but healthy doesn’t have to mean boring.

Switch up your food cabinet to include summer fruits and vegetables like Mango, Muskmelon, Lychee, Figs, Wood Apple (Bael), Pumpkin, Brinjal, Bitter Gourd, Bottle Gourd so your skin is always benefitting from the goodness of your foods.

3. Protect your skin from the UVA-B Rays

A no-brainer for most of the skin aficionados out there!

Most of us know that the sun’s UV-A and UV-B are harmful to our skin and may cause premature signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, and sunscreen is our white knight in shining armor protecting us from the sun.

Though finding a sunscreen that suits your skin is also crucial in fighting sun damage. We don’t want to slather heavy sunscreens through which our skin won’t be able to breathe. Also, go nutty!

Omega 3 essential fatty acids present in Chia, Hemp, and Flax Seeds and Walnuts might even protect your precious skin cells from sun damage naturally.

4. Swap Oil for Water

Gone are the dry winter days when heavy oil cleansers were needed by some to counteract the frigid winter weather.

As the temperature rises, our skin’s requirements also change. Heavy oils might just sit on top of our skin clogging our delicate pores and creating buildup.

This summer give your skin what it needs—natural, water-based skin care products.

Switch to our light and breezy (Bubble Facial Cleanser back link) infused with buttery Custard Apple extracts and Royal Jelly with a whiff of lush jungles that cleanses profusely while infusing light moisture onto the skin.

5. Spritz with Natural Mist

Don’t let moisture evaporate from your skin during the parched summer days.

Instead, spritz on mist onto your face to seal in moisture and to keep your skin looking plump and fresh.

Here’s a DIY Rose-Green Tea Mist Recipe for you:


· 1 cup - fresh rose petals
· 1 tbsp - Organic Green Tea
· 4oz Water
· 4oz Glass Spray Bottle

1. Pour water into a pot and bring it to boil.
2. When the hot water bubbles appear, take the pot away from the heat and add the rose petals and the green tea.
3. Let it steep for 5 minutes.
4. Let it cool down.
5. Pour the mist into the bottle and your summer mist is ready!

6. Cool Off with a Cold Shower

While hot showers do seem like the perfect way to relax during the chilly winter days, hot showers are also infamous for stripping off natural oils from our skin and leaving it dry.

And while it’s good to wash our faces with lukewarm water to cleanse out dirt and impurities, using cold water for the last rinse to close our pores is the best way to go around. Coldwater tightens our skin and closed pores make sure that our skin’s moisture balance is preserved.

Other cold shower benefits include an improved immune system and accelerated metabolism.

7. Exfoliate with Natural Exfoliators

Why wander out in the world when we have treasures in our pantry?

Gram flour is one such treasure. Apart from it being a staple in Indian kitchens and being used to make delectable Indian sweets on various festive occasions, Gram flour also acts as a natural exfoliator for our skins.

Just simply take a tablespoon of gram flour, add some water to make a paste, then lightly scrub it on freshly cleaned skin through circular motions, wash it all off and uncover the skin of your dreams.

For people on the drier end of the skin spectrum may add one tablespoon of milk to hydrate at the same time.

8. Get that Flushed Glow with Yoga

Yoga not only transforms your mind, body, and soul but also brings your skin a vivacious glow.

Inverted yoga poses like Downward Dog that places your heart over your head lets your face get a rush of blood. Blood carries oxygen and healthy nutrients to your organs, and when skin (our largest organ!) gets a proper amount of oxygen and healthy nutrients, it glows from the inside.

9. Slough Away Dry Skin

In our quest to present our best faces to the world, sometimes we neglect our bodily skin. This summer take charge of your body and exfoliate it properly to slough away dry and dead skin.

Here is a D.I.Y. Body Scrub Recipe for you:

· 2 cups the Dead Sea Salt
· 4 tbsp Honey
· 2 tbsp Aloe Vera Pulp
· 5 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Mix all the ingredients well to make an invigorating scrub. Apply all over your body and massage lightly with circular motions to slough away dirt and buildup.

Our skin care for dry skin includes Silk Serum Lotion (backlink) teeming with White Lillies which are naturally soothing for your skin and voluptuous Mahua Butter which infuses moisture into our bodies.

Use the Silk Serum Lotion afterward to give your skin a ravishing glow.

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